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Frédéric KHODJA

update September 13 2017

Excerpt from Françoise Lonardoni "From memory to drawing"

in the catalogue for the exhibition A room of one's own at Le Polaris, Corbas, France, 2011

Translated by John Doherty, 2014


Using elementary, almost generic methods – those of drawing or collage – Frédéric Khodja's work is a universe of fiction that is at once literary, artistic and legendary. In a wide variety of formats, from postcard size to sheets of paper the breadth of outstretched arms, he generates a gallery of images with a repertoire of subjects, a large number of which can be related to descriptions of places.
The vocabulary Khodja uses in his monochrome black or green drawings, with harmonies in muted colours, but also graphic treatments in closely-spaced lines, reinforces the impression of a closed universe with an invisible, or rather unsayable, coherence. [...]