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Pierre-Olivier ARNAUD

créé le 22 Septembre 2010


Set de table

24 Pages #27
Publié le Vendredi 30/11/2018
Pierre-Olivier Arnaud & Nick Oberthaler
The project 24 pages is a fanzine, edited by artist Manuel Burgener. For issue #27, Nick Oberthaler (Vienna) and Pierre-Olivier Arnaud (Lyon) collaborated to exchange and assemble visual elements, composing motifs on a patterned layer. Deriving its idea from placemats, typical for French restaurants, usually mono-coloured, sometimes ornamented and printed on cheap paper. A set de table serves to protect the table from getting smudged and is thrown away after use. By using this format it transforms 24 pages, a form of printed matter, into a situation: Set de table is a fanzine, a set of posters and a set of placemats for the evening.

Photo : "Set de table", 2018 © Pierre-Olivier Arnaud & Nick Oberthaler

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