Marie-Anita GAUBE

mise à jour le 13 Février 2018

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NextLevel Galerie, Paris
Exposition collective
Jeudi 01/02/2018 - Samedi 24/02/2018
Marie-Anita Gaube, Jutta Haeckel, Stefan Kürten, David Miguel, Liz Nielsen et Chloe Sells

NextLevel Galerie - Isabelle Mesnil
8, rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
  • Across the landscape

Den Nordiske ambassade, Copenhague (Danemark)
Exposition collective
Jeudi 22/02/2018 - Samedi 10/03/2018
Marie-Anita Gaube - Alexander Marchuk

Den nordiske ambassade is an artist-run and nonprofit exhibition space located in Copenhagen North West. We wish to embrace meetings between artists, artistic practices and artistic processes and thereby provide artistic exchange, new understanding and experimentation.
Den nordiske ambassade opened in November 2016 and is run by the artists Nils Elvebakk Skalegård and Matilde Duus.

Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday 2-6 pm during the exhibition periods.

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